The Bridge Deck
        313 South Central Ave, 
Scarsdale, NY 10583 USA


    • Duplicate Boot Camp

       April 13 -5/26 Sylwia will be having duplicate boot camp game for 0-20 point players.  We will be playing about 12 boards where 8 boards will cover a specific topic of the week, this way you can play and practice what we learn. So you will be better prepared for Wednesday and/ or Friday class, I will be sending you notes on Monday with homework and answers to your homework so when we get together on Wednesday or Friday at 9:00 I will be able to go over some problems that we had difficulties.  Our game will starts at 9:30 - to about 12:15. After the class is over, I will be emailing the write ups for the 8 boards. If you have any friends that never played duplicate at our club but would like to join this fun class, please let me know and you will receive your first game for free.

      Cost $30 per class or $45 for both days.

      April 13 – Takeout Double

      April 18 & 20 - Negative Double

      April  25 & 27 - Forth Suit Forcing

      May 2 & 4 – Bidding Balanced Hands

      May 9 & 11 – Preempts

      May 16 & 18 – Jacoby 2NT

      May 23 & 25 – Splinters

      May 30 & June 1 - Slam Bidding

    • Wednesday’s 9:45-11:30

        $30 per session or $15 with Frequent Player Pass

      4/4– Passive Defense.

      4/11 – Leads against NT contracts.

      4/18 – Active defense.

      4/25 – Attitude signals.

      5/2– Stopping ruffs.

      5/9– Suit preference signals.

      5/16 – Getting ruffs.

      5/23 – Count signals.

      5/30 – Forcing defense.


  • Supervised Play.  No need to register or have a partner. Pay per class. Each class begins with a mini-lesson on hints in bidding and play. As you learn to play Bridge, it’s really important to practice – to apply the concepts that you have been given.  Supervised Play is the ideal format.  It’s an opportunity to enjoy playing Bridge in a friendly and encouraging learning environment.  We reinforce key ideas and offer lots of help and advice.
    1. Tuesdays  9:45am -11:30am  $25
    2. Wednesdays 1:15pm - 3:00pm  $25